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Safeguard protocol against COVID-19 infection

03 September 2021



In view of the danger posed by the spread of COVID-19 and in compliance with the recent legislation since March 2020 the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (the CIHEAM Bari) has been adopting all measures to fight and prevent the spread of the new virus in workplaces and regulating all security measures to be taken at the Campus through the adoption of internal protocols.

Safeguard protocols against COVID-19 infection | Documents



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⇒ Self-certification (D.L. n. 33/2020) 

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⇒ Scheda autodichiarazione – Ospite/Visitatore

⇒ Autodichiarazione (D.L. n. 33/2020) 


General information

All workers, students, users, and the external staff who will access to the CIHEAM Bari Campus, are personally responsible for the application of the health and safety measures.

CIHEAM Bari informs all workers and any person entering the Institute about the existing safety provisions, and that clearly visible special leaflets and informative infographics are posted at the entrance and in the most relevant premises and places of the institute.


Personal hygiene precautions

It is mandatory for any person coming to the CIHEAM Bari to adopt all the hygiene precautions.

Special attention must be paid to the following measures:

  • Strict, continuous, and correct use of the masks that must cover both the nose and the mouth

  • Thorough hand disinfection upon entering the offices/classrooms

  • Maintaining interpersonal distancing

  • Ventilation of offices/classrooms during the breaks



Certificazione verde - EU digital COVID certificate