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FoodSHIFT Webinar: City-region perspectives on providing food for the vulnerable in times of COVID-19

22 June 2020

FoodSHIFT 2030 presents its first public webinar on these city-region responses to COVID-19, inviting participants to address the key aspects of establishing solidarity and citizen-driven initiatives to support resilience in local food systems.

The COVID-19 crisis saw city-regions from across the world respond to the emergency in a number of ways, with some local initiatives truly standing out. The latter have the potential to inform other urban communities on how local and national government, as well as the public sector can ensure the most vulnerable have access to food, including those on very low income and in isolation.

As part of the FoodSHIFT 2030 project CIHEAM Bari, will participate as leader of the Food Accelerator Lab (FAL) "Back to Land". Starting from the Bari FAL experience and local food innovators, the workshop opens a reflection on the challenges and chances that will characterize the Mediterranean scenario in the coming years: migration flows, social, productive and environmental desertification, increasing vulnerability of social groups in the southern Mediterranean.

CIHEAM Bari is specialized and active on the Mediterranean context and contributes to strategic objectives definition in the area. CIHEAM Bari will present the synergies among on-going projects in the area, that Back to Land FAL capitalizes on.

The webinar is free to all. For more information and registration click here.