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Mainstreaming Gender in Covid-19 recovery responses of Agri-food sectors and rural areas | Side event online, 19 November 2020

04 November 2020

Online event | 19 NOVEMBER 2020 (14.00-17.00)

In collaboration with our partner Union for Mediterranean, as part of the UfM High-Level Women 4 Mediterranean Conference 2020, the CIHEAM is organizing a side event about Mainstreaming gender in Covid-19 recovery responses in agri food sectors and rural areas.

During COVID-19, the role of women has been and still is essential. They have been on the frontline in the agriculture sector but also in processing and distribution professions. Yet, this role came with a high exposure to risks and infection. In many countries, specific measures have been taken to support informal workers who did not have access to the “standard” social protection systems. However, a significant proportion of women working in the informal economy remained excluded from welfare schemes and financial compensation during lockdown. In rural areas, women have less access to essential services and during times of emergency this access to services is often more compromised.

Existing inequalities are often exacerbated during pandemics and crises. For that, COVID-19 threatens the livelihoods of the poorest and most vulnerable populations. A rise in poverty will have an impact on the food and nutritional security of families, particularly on women and girls who have already present nutritional vulnerabilities.

Discussion points:

  • How has COVID-19 impacted women in agriculture and what measures should be promoted to address the gendered impact of COVID-19 in rural Mediterranean areas with reference to agriculture, food security and nutrition?
  • Which alliances, networks could better serve a gender responsive agenda in post COVID-19 recovery?
  • How can education, research and innovations in agri-food fields better help to limit the negative impacts of crises like COVID-19 on women?

This event is organized by CIHEAM. CIHEAM Bari will be represented by Maroun El Moujabber, in charge of “Gender SMART Project: “Gender in Science Management of Agriculture; life sciences, including Research and Teaching” and Silvia Barbatello, Project Coordinator, GEMAISA Network.