Conference on the mediterranean watersheds | 19, 20, 21 October 2021, CIHEAM Bari

18 October 2021


The Inter-academic Group for Development (GID) and the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) are joining forces for the 9th Parmenide Conference, on the theme ‚ÄúSustainable management of Mediterranean watersheds in the face of societal and climate change challenges" that will take place in the CIHEAM Bari Institute.

4 Discussion topics to stimulate exchanges:  


A first session on food security will include four round tables on demand management, supply management, agroecological transitions and agro-pastoral systems.

The second session will address the issue of vulnerabilities through a first round table on water quality, a second round table on sudden flood risks and a third on vulnerability indicators.

Finally, a third session will deal with governance, through concrete cases, also emphasizing dialogue between stakeholders and organizing a debate between world-renowned economists and jurists on the legal dimensions, economic and financial governance.

Recommandations for reinforced cooperation and for the World Water Forum (Dakar 2022) 

The concluding session will endeavour to summarise the various points presented and to identify prospects for closer cooperation between the countries of the Southern and Northern Mediterranean, particularly in the fields of research, initial and continuing training and management practices, through existing tools or, if necessary, new and shared institutions.



The objectives of the conference will be to strengthen dialogue and cooperation in the Mediterranean area, to rethink training and research in the light of new challenges, to develop new evaluation and management criteria and, make recommendations that will be submitted to the World Water Forum in Dakar in 2022, by the CIHEAM and GID.


Provisional Programme


It is possible to register online to attend the conference remotely: