CIHEAM Bari Documentation Centre Newsletter No. 1/2020 (January/February)

26 March 2020

The issue No. 1 (January/February) of CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter has been released.

In this issue, focus on: "The world's of forests: a wealth of biodiversity", the book of the month by FAO.

In press review, focus on: "Spotligh on FAO's work on water" by FAO; "Rural women and girl: recognizing their role as agent of change" by FAO; "In the face of COVID-19, IFLA closes offices but continues to offer strong support to the global library field" by IFLA; "IFLA World Library and Information Congress 86th IFLA General Conference and Assembly" by IFLA; "Libraries, Development and the United Nations 2030 Agenda" by IFLA.

"Latest additions to the library’s collection of Master Thesis submitted for the degree of Master of Science, CIHEAM Bari Academic Year 2018-2019: Mediterranean Organic Agriculture ; Sustainable IPM Technologies for Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable Crops ; Land and Water Resources Management: Irrigated Agriculture".

CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter No. 1/2020

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