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Training Course on the Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation | CIHEAM Bari, 18-22 Novembre 2019

19 November 2019

The Training Course on the “Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation” is being held at CIHEAM Bari, from 18 to 22 November 2019.

The pilot training is the first step towards enabling motivated and skilled lecturers and trainers from the agriculture and/or energy sector worldwide to independently run Toolbox trainings in the future.

Trainers successfully completing the Training of Trainers (ToT)  will receive a Toolbox trainers’ certificate and gain access to the Toolbox trainers knowledge platform on energypedia.

A ToT is a training course enabling participants/trainees to become trainers for specific subjects – in our case, it is solar-powered irrigation. After the successful completion of the course, participants have not only learnt about the technical subject matter, but also about ways of how to communicate and pass on knowledge engagingly. ToT course participants will get an extensive introduction to the Toolbox contents and functionality of tools as well as they will learn how to plan, run and evaluate a training.

Training of Trainers for  “The Toolbox on Solar-Powered  Irrigation Systems (SPIS)"