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From physical to digital transformation mapping and flexible follow-up on changing times under Pandemic COVID-19 period

16 July 2020

Event: 1st #WAAFORAGENDA2030 International Conference

Date: on 2nd July, 2020

Place: Livestorm platform

CIHEAM Bari, along with UN FAO and various International organizations, Institutions, Research Centres, Academia, Universities and Professional Associations, was represented at the 1st #WAAFORAGENDA2030 International Conference, thanks to the active and dynamic participation of the "Network of Mediterranean Agronomists", which gathers the members of CIHEAM Bari Alumni Network (FTN).

Noureddin Driouech, Senior Researcher and Coordinator of #CIHEAMBari #Alumni #Network (#FTN), was among the speakers at the #WAAFORAGENDA2030 online conference organized by #AMIA, the World Association of Agronomists, jointly with #CONAF, the Council of the Italian Order of Agronomists and Foresters.

He co-presented a contribution titled "Fair and inclusive education: boosting the next generations’ capabilities for sustainable employment" as part of the working session - Table F2 - PROJECT CULTURE AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. The discussion addressed Action 6 "Design and implementation of training courses and certification of sustainability skills", which aims to advance 2030 Agenda Goal 8: "Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all".

This contribution was based on a co-authored work (Quendler, E., Lamb, M. J., & Driouech, N. 2020) titled "Sustainable education, employability and job opportunities for future generations in the digital age" (in M. London (Ed.). Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning. New York: Oxford University Press).

The online event intended to further disseminate the latest research works, scientific contributions and best practices related to the #UN 2030 Agenda 17 Sustainable Development Goals (#SDG). In addition, the event featured an extraordinary involvement of agronomists from international and regional institutions: over 1000 participants from 28 countries worldwide, 2 general sessions, 12 panels, 101 speakers and a total of 8 work hours.

In the words of Andrea Sisti, president of #WAA, through The Global Farm of the Future 2.0 project, the conference was meant to provide the "metrics" for the Planet's "well-being" evaluation, a "comparison" between environmental and productive components which determine the pressure extent and therefore the sustainability level.  

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