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1st EU/North-African Conference on Organic Agriculture (EU-NACOA) | Marrakesh (Morocco), 11-12 November 2019

04 September 2019

The EU-North-African Conference on Organic Agriculture will take place in Marrakesh (Morocco), on 11-12 November 2019.


The conference will cover the main disciplines related to organic and ecological agriculture in EU and North Africa region and aims to:

  • Merge a critical mass of scientific capacity and skills from Europe and Africa, to deliver sustainable solutions by working at practical and theoretical level;
  • Bring together high profiled scientists from both continents to discuss issues about organic inputs, innovation, organic research funding, ethics and address recommendations to relevant certification and regulation bodies;
  • Address and confront African potentials to expand traditional organic agriculture in terms of genetic, agro-climatic and sociocultural diversity;
  • Strengthen the "Organic Alternatives for Africa" initiative and to facilitate the integration of OA into strategic policies and the agricultural development program;
  • Discuss how OA in Africa can be further developed as a sustainable and reliable model to ensure food safety for all, in the framework of the AAA Initiative following the COP22 recommendations (Marrakech, Morocco 2016);
  • Discuss the main question raised from the conference title: How can research contribute to bridge the current gap between Africa and Europe, with respect to organic agriculture?

This conference covers Scientific, Technical, Marketing and regulation aspects; to which various stakeholders will take part in order to place the Organic and Ecological Farming at the center of African Agriculture. Abstract submissions are invited for but not limited to the following topics:

  1. Organic agricultural systems design and management, diversification of organic farming and cropping systems, role of rotation, multi-cropping and intercropping. Agroforestry and agroecology;
  2. Tailored techniques and practices for organic farming, soil fertility, preventive and curative measures for plant protection, organic weed management, post-harvest;
  3. Agricultural waste management, nutrient cycling, environmental protection and role of bio-fertilizers bio-stimulant and bio-pesticides;
  4. Organic Food Systems, local products, state of art, socioeconomics aspects and marketing of organic products in Africa.

This conference is organized by INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research-Morocco) with ISOFAR (International Society of Organic Farming Research) in collaboration with UM6P (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University-Morocco); FIMABIO (Federation of Organic Farming Movement-Morocco); AfrONet (African Organic Network-Tanzania); MAPMDREF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water Resources and Forests-Morocco) and UCAM (University of Caddy Ayad-Marrakesh Morocco).

The deadline for submitting abstracts is September 30, 2019.

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