Improving governance, management and sustainability of rural and coastal protected areas and contributing to the implementation of the Natura 2000 provisions in IT and GR
// BIG //

March 2014 - December 2015

Project Summary

Short description

The aim of BIG is to improve governance, management and sustainable enhancement of parks and Natura 2000 sites. The project focuses on common strategies for biodiversity and natural resources regional governance, management and sustainable enhancement, especially in rural and coastal ecosystems in the cross-border Greece-Italy programme area.

Main Results

- Joint protocols for monitoring species and habitats

-  Common information system to support regional observatories

-  Best practices collection and related guidelines

- Decision-makers support tool

- Recommendations about management in protected areas

- Transnational course for protected areas managers

- Cross-border route for the sustainable tourism in protected areas and          cross-border portal

- Concrete pilot actions in  5 different regions and 15 pilot areas

- Sustainable tourism actions on the ground

Project impact

- Improved cooperation via the coordination (networking) of administrative entities at different levels, common standards for monitoring biodiversity, implementation of a biodiversity database, creation of the Information System and related services;

- reinforced effectiveness of local administrations via the identification of  socio-economic and naturalistic strategies as well as the drafting of related guidelines, and the creation of a common decision-makers support tool, the requalification of the professional profile of managers of protected areas;

- strengthened on-site management of protected areas/Natura 2000 sites and improved biodiversity safeguard (pilot projects);

- boosted sustainable touristic offer and dissemination.

- CIHEAM-Bari is developing a Mediterranean research and monitoring outpost on marine and coastal biodiversity in Tricase Porto, Lecce.

Source of funding : European Territorial Cooperation Pogramme Greece-Italy 2007-2013
Total budget : 4,00 €
Partners :
  • Region of Ionian Islands - Grecia