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Newsletter Documentation Centre No. 6

06 February 2018

The issue No. 6 (November-December 2017) of CIHEAM Bari Documentation Centre Newsletter has been released.

In this issue:

  • new releases from CIHEAM: Les objectifs de développement durable: opportunitiés méditerranéennes, by Cosimo Lacirignola;
  • focus on "European Review of Agricultural Economics", the magazine of the month;
  • latest additions to the library’s collection of books and articles: CIHEAM Bari Organic Agriculture Library and CIHEAM Bari library;
  • 65th Anniversary of the FAO Library 1952-2017: the origins of David Lubin Library and the International Institute of Agriculture;
  • books without a master: what happens to the large private libraries, often without heirs?