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3rd International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics Towards the Sustainability of Logistics in the Agri-Food Supply Chains | Poznań (Poland), June 26-28, 2019

22 March 2019

Call for Abstracts: Deadline has been extended to April 26th,  2019

The 3rd International Forum on Agri-Food Logistics: ‘Towards the Sustainability of Logistics in the Agri-Food Supply Chains’, is organized by Poznań University of Life Sciences (PULS) - Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and will be held in Poznan during June 26-28, 2019. CIHEAM Bari is one of the event partners.

The Forum on Agri-Food Logistics is a platform for exchange of views between scientists and businesses. It also aims to bring together the two communities in order to develop a common model of knowledge and experience transfer at national and international level.

The Forum will mainly focus on the following  topics:

1. Sustainable agri-food supply chains (AFSCs) - goals and functioning principles

2. Possibilities of reducing CO2 and other harmful substances emissions in AFSCs

3. Methods for measuring and assessing the logistics sustainability in  AFSCs

4. Food Losses and waste in the agri-food sector

5. Traceability in agri-food supply chains

6. Intelligent packaging, including modified atmosphere

7. Storage methods and product quality loss

8. Techniques and technology for food safety

9. Development of quality systems and standards in agri-food logistics

10. Development of information systems supporting management and security in AFSCs

11. Risk management in AFSCs - regional and global approach

12. Legal aspects of AFSCs functioning

13. Development of CSR and LSR concepts for AFSCs

14. Problems, challenges and trends in AFSCs

15. Other issues related to AFSCs functioning

Find more detail and Registration form on the Conference website:

For further information please contact: Dr. Karol Wajszczuk (Chair), PULS, Poland 

Download the announcement here