Rural Hub
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September 2014 - September 2016

Project Summary

Short description

The Rural Hub (RH) project is a research programme aimed to create a model of rural enterprises oriented to social innovation, a generation of “rural change makers” that will be supported by a “decentralized help desk” based on coworking and coliving.  The project is designed  to develop a new model of rural enterprises oriented to social innovation, that would: i) support the innovation of farms that are currently experiencing the gap between their own ethical values related to production and today’s production methods; ii) enhance the culture of rural communities; iii) supply new economic opportunities connected with territories; iv) create and redistribute the value generated by these innovative production processes on the local scale.

Main Results

The project is intended to create a prototype aiming at developing the self-sustenance of a rural community, by recognizing an active participatory role to the farmer who is not only food producer but becomes producer of societal values, based on the enhancement of the territory and of the community concerned. The purpose of this prototype is to launch innovative rural startups through a model  whose innovation process would be replicable and adaptable to site-specific conditions, whether in southern Italy or in the Mediterranean area.

Project impact

The RH project is meant to be the hub of a network joining researchers, activists, managers and scientists committed to exploring new economic development models with a view to meeting social and market needs stemming from the world of rural entrepreneurship.


Rural Hub s.r.l. - Italy

Source of funding : Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR)
Total budget : 1 187 500,00 €