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Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway

February 2013 - January 2017

Project Summary

Short description

To develop and support the dialogue between EU - MPCs by bringing together research policymakers (ministries), research organisations, stakeholders and NGOs (civil society) from MPC and EU Member states and Associated countries to strengthen Euro-Mediterranean cooperation on Research and Innovation.   A Euro-Med research.

Main Results

Enhancing EU-MPCs co-ownership in research cooperation; creating synergies in order to reduce fragmentation of research actions; involving the civil society in the institutional dialogue on research and innovation; developing cooperation instruments to tackle societal challenges with a view to sustainability; supporting research and innovation capacity building through comprehensive training and contributing to building a Euro-Mediterranean shared knowledge space in order to develop common EU-MPCs planning capacity and a sustainable regional RDT policy and cooperation.


CIHEAM-Bari - Italy

Source of funding : FP7 - INCO.2012-1.3/ Mediterranean Partner Countries
Total budget : 3 999 945,00 €