Development of a method for monitoring and measurement of the main variables of the aquifer to design an appropriate water governance model that would allow the rational use and eco-sustainable management of regional groundwater resources
// ARIF //

January 2015 - December 2016

Project Summary

Short description

The project intends to develop a water governance model able to i) measure and monitor irrigation withdrawal from groundwater, ii) measure and monitor water salinity, iii) design a water tariff policy.

Main results

  • provide to the water manager an user-friendly tool to collect and manage all the important information (water volumes withdrawn from hydrants, water quality) on the use of groundwater resources;
  • contribute to the solution of technical problems related to the use (and abuse) of groundwater resources in agriculture;
  • fine-tune the "governance" models of the aquifer;
  • plan the use of groundwater in accordance with environmental sustainability and the needs of farmers and  to identify appropriate mitigation measures with an adequate level of consensus among the various involved "stakeholders".



CIHEAM Bari - Italy

Source of funding : ARIF
Total budget : 140 000,00 €