The CIHEAM Bari Documentation Centre (DC) is a multimedia library specialised in Land and water resources managementSustainable Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technologies for Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetable CropsMediterranean Organic Agriculture.

Besides providing a vital service for MAIB students and for research, the DC is designed to be the ideal place to meet, discuss and have intercultural exchanges.

The library is entirely computerised via the SEBINA Open Library software and has around 6,400 volumes (over 11,000 titles).

In addition, the DC edits:
• the Options Méditerranéennes issued by CIHEAM Bari  (the complete series is available on the CIHEAM web site)
• the New Medit instalments index cards on the Institute web site
• a Newsletter (published every two months) with news and events concerning the library and its new acquisitions.

The DC services for users are:

• on-the-spot consultation of their own documentary sources
• document research, acquisition and provision
• internal document lending
• interlibrary lending.


Luigi Sisto - Responsible
 +39 080 4606265
 +39 080 4606526
Document Delivery

Wanda Occhialini
+39 080 4606266
Document Delivery

Giuseppe Inchingolo
 +39 080 4606269
Document Delivery



Monday to Friday:               09.00-13.00; 14.30-17.00
Saturday: 09.00-13.00