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“Pre-Med” Forum | The food security-Climate change nexus in the Mediterranean

21 November 2019

In occasion of the 5th edition of the event “Mediterranean Dialogues”, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAECI/DCGS) and CIHEAM Bari, will organize a “Pre-Med” event focused on the fragile link between food security and climate change in the Mediterranean Region.

The scope of the event is to cast a common understanding of the nexus between food security and climate change in the Mediterranean at large, considering the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainability.

During the discussion, the following topics will be addressed:

• Impacts of climate change on food security and food systems
• Climate-smart agriculture to increase agriculture productivity
• Natural resources degradation (soil, water, biodiversity)
• The resilience of rural livelihoods
• Role of green finance, green innovation and entrepreneurship
• Economics of climate changes (markets, taxes, etc.)
• Policy and governance aspects
• Vulnerable groups (youth and women) and their potential in strengthening resilience
• Environmental health, human security and social stability
• Evidence of environmental degradation and climate change as drivers of migration

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