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II AQUASTAT workshop - Launching the National Correspondents Network

03 November 2018

The second AQUASTAT Workshop represents another opportunity to discuss both content and format of the AQUASTAT database, the related questionnaire, data collection process and its challenges. The workshop gathers a new group of AQUASTAT national correspondents as well as CIHEAM Bari and FAO-CBL technical teams.

National correspondents will have the chance to share their views and different approaches in collecting data, while contributing to the discussion with their experience and knowledge. Outcomes of the workshop will guide the AQUASTAT Programme on how to improve the database content and to streamline the process for data acquisition.

The workshop will be held on 4-6 December 2018 and includes a one-day field visit. During the event, participants will familiarize with the AQUASTAT programme and the SDG 6.4 target with its two indicators 6.4.1. on water use efficiency and 6.4.2. on water stress, both under direct responsibility of FAO.

Objectives of the workshop are:
• Launch of the AQUASTAT network of National Correspondents
• Development of capacity and strengthening of motivations of the National Correspondents
• Revision of the data already collected and provision of new inputs for further data collection
• Discussion around the questionnaire, the variables and the procedures to improve the data collection process

Expected output:
• Definition of a common view and of clear measures to improve AQUASTAT data content and data collection process, integrating lessons learned from the current approaches and methodologies.