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FILA Model - An innovative model based on EIP approach to strengthen knowledge transfer in the agrifood sector in Puglia region, Albania and Montenegro

17 September 2020

As part of FILA project, funded by the EU under Interreg – IPA CBC Italy – Albania – Montenegro programme, the FILA Model was designed following bottom-up collaborative and participatory methodologies that include desk and field analyses, and mostly the results of three living labs organized in Italy, Albania, and Montenegro.

FILA project integrates with and adapts to the European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) approach in the Programme cooperation including Italy, Albania and Montenegro.

Drawing on the EIP AGRI approach, the FILA Model was developed by gathering and sharing needs and relevant solutions for knowledge and technology transfer jointly with stakeholders. The aim was to strengthen knowledge and technology transfer to stimulate cooperation among innovation chain actors, by sharing and transferring research results, but also by co-designing innovative solutions and motivating young talents to implement open innovation processes.

FILA model