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1st CURE-XF Regional Training in "Xylella fastidiosa: diagnosis, control, and management measures” - Opening Ceremony, July the 1st, Beirut (Lebanon)

02 July 2019
Yesterday, 1 July 2019, the activities of the 1st CURE-XF Regional Training in "XYLELLA FASTIDIOSA: DIAGNOSIS, CONTROL, AND MANAGEMENT MEASURES” Lebanon were launched by official Opening Ceremony that took place at the Order of Architects and Engineers of Beirut (OAE). Honorable guests accepted the invitation to attend the ceremony, such as the Minister of Agriculture, Prof Hassan Lakkis, the OEA President, Architect Jad Tabet, and the Director General of LARI, Dr Michel Afram.
This training is the very first organised in Lebanon under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of Lebanon, and with the essential and fruitful collaboration between CIHEAM Bari, as project coordinator, the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut, hand the Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute.
Nearly 100 trainees from 8 different countries will benefit from theoretical lectures (1-2-3 July) and practical activities in labs and in the field (4-5 July), with the opportunity to deepen and strengthen their knowledge and know-how on Xf and raise their awareness in relation to Xf impacts and risks upon its establishment. Such training will help them develop a critical mass ready to be used in their country of origin where they will start working to consolidate expertise and awareness of plant health agencies, decision-makers and relevant stakeholders, promote the use of advanced diagnostic tools for the detection and characterization of Xf and associated vectors, consolidate disease prevention, monitoring and control of Xf and associated vectors, and improve pest risk analysis, phytosanitary legislations and contingency measures for a safe plant material trade.