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18th International Fusarium Laboratory Workshop - CNR-ISPA (Bari), 18-22 June 2018

25 January 2018

The 18th International Fusarium Laboratory Workshop (IFLW), organized by National Council of Research, Institute of Sciences of Food Production ( will take place in Bari (Italy) from 18 to 22 June, 2018.

IFLW is the premier international workshop in the field of Fusarium taught by international renowned Fusarium experts. Participants will be introduced to standard morphological, genetic and molecular biological techniques used to identify and characterize strains of Fusarium.

Participants will learn to use morphological characters to identify the most important Fusarium species, how to make tests for vegetative compatibility groups and cross-fertility, how to PCR amplify and analyze DNA sequences, how to use mycotoxin detection kits. More than half of the time will be spent in the laboratory working with standard strains.  

The workshop is supported by - EU-project "MycoKey" ( in collaboration with International Society for Mycotoxicology (  

You may register on line at

Reduction of fee (€1300) for CIHEAM members.