VIII International Scientific Agriculture Symposium "AGROSYM 2017" - Jahorina, 5-8 October 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina

05 October 2017

CIHEAM Bari is organizing AGROSYM 8th edition, together with Faculty of Agriculture of the University of East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Belgrade (Serbia) and in collaboration with 24 International Institutions (Universities and Research Centres). AGROSYM is one of the activities foreseen in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by CIHEAM Bari and the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of East Sarajevo in November 2010.

CIHEAM Bari experts and researchers are involved in both AGROSYM 2017 Scientific Committee and papers review process (Noureddin Driouech, Pandi Zdruli and Mladen Todorovic) and Organizing Committee (Rosanna Quagliariello, Noureddin Driouech and Roberto Capone).

In this edition of Agrosym, Noureddin Driouech, CIHEAM Bari Researcher and Coordinator of the Alumni Network (FTN), will carry out and lead the following sessions: - Plenary opening session; Plant Protection and Food Safety; Organic Agriculture and Final symposium conclusions and recommendations. Moreover, CIHEAM former students and Alumni of, members of the Network of CIHEAM Alumni (NCA), belonging to 11 countries (Albania, Algeria, BiH, Egypt, Morocco, Montenegro, Palestine, Tunisia, Serbia, Sudan and Turkey) will actively participated with 15 contributions (papers and posters) in different thematic sessions of the symposium.

This year’s edition of AGROSYM could be considered a real success from any standpoint: 1308 contributions from 85 countries (participants across all world continents, from Mexico to Japan) were accepted for oral and poster presentations.

Thanks to CIHEAM Bari support through it channels and network, AGROSYM is considered nowadays as the most important scientific event dealing with agriculture and rural development in the Balkan area. It is also becoming a scientific platform for exchange of knowledge and good practices related to agriculture, food, rural development, environment and forestry in the Mediterranean area.

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