E-learning tools (platform, author software, etc.) are based on the methodology adopted, target context (South Mediterranean and Balkan Area) and are user friendly (Digital Divide) and cheaper as cost-benefit ratio (Open Source).



Claroline (www.claroline.net) is a collaborative e-learning platform released under Open Source license based on free technologies like PHP and MySQL.
The platform is used in about 93 countries and is available in more than 35 languages.
It facilitates course management and allows for contents such as documents, exercises and learning paths to be included on-line according to a strictly didactic logic.
Claroline has been developed from teacher's experiences.



Didactic contents of the courses are presented with CourseLab software. This software (www.courselab.com) is free and allows dynamic multimedia presentations and SCORM compliant e-learning courses integrating audio files and videos.





One answer to the need for information packaging, where size in bytes greatly influences the speed of transmission on the Internet, is the multimedia technology created on CD ROM and/or DVD which has evident benefits of portability.
With the author systems software it is possible to reorganize information with an easy and perceptual interface with reference to resources such as lessons, didactic units, self-evaluation tests, etc., all in digital format.
With Distance learning, and in support of web technology, optical supports establish a capacious ‘stand alone’ tool which, through a predefined didactic strategy assumes complementaries not exclusive to the active interaction on the platform of e-learning in reference.



The experience that IAMB has acquired with the integration of applied technology has been encouraging. The system is technically sound, reliable, and user friendly for both teachers and students.
From a technical point of view, the platform can be installed on any computer equipped to run on Windows, Mac and Linux.
These solutions, considered as building blocks, respond well to evolving technology maintaining, by all accounts, the reality of different technologies.