Education and training offered at CIHEAM Bari aim at providing students and trainees with both scientific and technical highly-qualified knowledge and developing their critical understanding, applied skills, and ability to utilize the wealth of experience acquired to improve food quality and safety, enhance environment and natural resources management and promote sustainable agriculture in their countries of origin.  

Our courses are aligned with the education activities carried out by the national Institutions of the students’ countries of origin.

Beneficiaries are young agronomists, engineers and biologists, researchers and executives from national research centres or public agencies, extension agents, professionals and entrepreneurs in agriculture mainly coming from Mediterranean, Balkan and Near-Eastern countries.

CIHEAM Bari provides two types of education: Postgraduate Education and Lifelong Learning.

In the framework of the Postgraduate Education, CIHEAM Bari organizes Master and Master of Science Programmes in fields that are crucial for the Mediterranean agricultural and rural development:


Such programmes comply with the transparency and credit transfer principles recommended by the Bologna Process and span over two academic years. Upon completion of the first year, students are awarded a Master Degree (60 ECTS). At the end of the second year, devoted to the preparation of a research thesis, students pursue the Master of Science Degree (120 ECTS).

CIHEAM Bari also gives support to Doctoral Studies (PhD) for the best MSc students by facilitating their access to Italian and Foreign Universities and providing scientific tutoring and facilities for research (experimental fields, laboratories, equipment).  

Lifelong Learning is intended forstudents and young researchers, professionals, lecturers, development and extension agents and public officials who wish to improve their knowledge. In most cases, these are project-oriented activities. Lifelong Learning is also addressed to CIHEAM Bari former students.
At the end of each course participants are awarded a Certificate of Attendance.


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