Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization System Improvement in Minia and Fayoum Governorates

January 2015 - December 2017

Project Summary

Short Description

The project aims to contribute to the economic growth of rural communities towards sustainable development of agriculture sector in two Egyptian governorates: Minia and Fayoum. In particular, the project will encourage the socio-economic and environmental sustainability of the main farming systems in the area, through the reinforcement of the existing extension and mechanization services in order to optimize sustainable use of the natural resources (soil fertility, water management), to use more efficiently agriculture inputs and to stabilize rural population. The project will not target intensive farms but mostly extensive farming system and small-medium farmers in 14 Districts (in Fayoum and in Minia only) where ARC-AEnRI Station and ARC-Hiring Service Stations  are established and  operational,  in order to improve their performance and  increase sustainability of related farming systems. In Minia, the intervention will focus on the  introduction of sustainable mechanization geared mainly on wheat, corn and Sugarcane; in Fayoum, the main cropping systems of wheat, corn, and clover (as well as herbs and tomato) will be targeted.

Main Results


Proper knowledge sharing a participatory innovation methodology will be applied as well as training and update through study visits and participation to workshops and fairs before preparing the related supplies tender. 

Specific highly-qualified training, technical and scientific support as well as  administrative and management support services will be provided by CIHEAM Bari to enhance  the update and capacities of Egyptian beneficiaries/stakeholders at different levels (MALR, Mechanization Sector, Mechanization Engineering and Agriculture Cooperative Associations) in order to carry out a participatory analyses of needs and  elaborate technical specification fitting farmers’/Hiring Service Stations capacities/needs in the given conditions in each district and according to the innovation observed and studied during training and update sessions in Egypt and in Italy. 

A pilot management system to enhance Hiring Service Stations’ performances will be established and tested by applying cost/benefit-efficiency ratio and related adoption rate among users.


Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation - Egypt

Source of funding : Egyptian Italian Debt Swap Funds
Total budget : 10 000 000,00 €