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Institutional Assistance for the development of the Maritime Economy
// MAR.E. //

October 2018 - September 2021

Project Summary


  • Contributing to the sustainable development of the Albanian maritime and coastal economy in the European and Mediterranean context, providing to the institutions and the private sector the new opportunities linked to the process of accession and integration to the European Union.


  • Develop the capacity of the fisheries administration to design, implement and monitor sectoral measures and regulations and improve the sustainability of the exploitation of fish resources, with the involvement of the private sector, through the use of the Italian credit line dedicated to the development of Albanian maritime and coastal economy.


  • Analysis of the sector and drafting of guidelines on aquaculture;
  • Identification of n. 15 aquaculture initiatives (fresh/inland waters, lagoons and for mariculture - fish and shellfish);
  • Evaluation of the fishing resources and the fishing capacity management scheme, through the stock assessment activity and the training for Albanian technicians; evaluation of  fleet and sea fishing effort;
  • Identification of n. 10 initiatives on fleet modernization and fishing ports; mapping and evaluation of the main coastal and lagoon ecosystems and the related eco-systemic goods and services;
  • Identification of n. 5 initiatives for the enhancement of ecosystem goods and services in the tourism sector; organization of workshops and information seminars in Albania and Italy.


  • Technical assistance
Source of funding : Italian Cooperation
Total budget : 1 600 000,00 €
Partners :
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) - Albania
  • Ministry of Tourism and Environment (MTE) - Albania