Agriculture and Livestock Support for Syrian People. Sector III- Agriculture and food security. 2nd phase Italian intervention
// IT SYRIA //

January 2015 - December 2017

Project Summary

Short description


The program will increase the capacity of the SIG’s  Ministry of Infrastructure, Agriculture and Water Resources (MIAWR) and of the Local Council Administrations (LCAs) to provide services to the rural communities held by the moderate opposition.  This program is built on a pilot intervention in 2014, which supplied inputs for wheat farming to 450 farms and provided veterinary support to 3,000 animal breeders in Azaz district in Aleppo. The pilot intervention is based on both demand from farmers and on the ability of SIG to provide services.  The current program will support the resilience of the Rural Communities in the program areas through the concrete effort of the Agriculture Ministry of SIG and  the LCAs involved.

The project will also increase agricultural and livestock production and household income of Local Communities, in areas held by the moderate opposition, through the supply of inputs and provision of services made available by the Ministry of Agriculture and by the Local Council Administrations.

Main Results


  • Supply of inputs and small equipment for crops such as: wheat, vegetables, lentil, chick peas, cumin, fruit trees, olives and other alternative crops;
  • Services for crops such as: Early Warning Disease System, Plant Diseases Treatments;
  • Strengthening Syrian household resilience with support to livestock production;
  • Support to livestock production with services such as the production of concentrate fodders
  • Capacity building and technical assistance activities for Syrian technicians of the Ministry of Agriculture and of the Local Council Administrations;
  • Setting up of Syrian technicians’ Associations;
  • Analysis of the state of the art of agriculture and rural areas of the program districts;
  • Visibility and information actions for Local Communities on the program opportunities.


CIHEAM-Bari - Italy

Source of funding : Italian Cooperation / Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Total budget : 1 849 860,00 €